Courses to help you plant your roots so you can spread your wings.

Nourish Your Roots Series Courses: Unlimited Online Access


Creating a Sadhana 

Create sacred space and develop balance in your daily life. 

This course is a foundational place to start to plant your roots. This course will guide you into creating a sacred space within your home, to be the center of your personal practices, including Mantra and Asana (physical yoga postures). By the end of this course, you will have integrated these practices in your daily life and have a solid foundation to keep building on. Are you ready to integrate some foundational yogic practices into your daily life? 

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Introduction To Mantra 

Calibrate your mind; change your life.

There is a reason why "Introduction to Mantra" is one of our most foundational courses we teach to students new on the path. Mantra is not just a sequence of calming Sanskrit words, nor is Mantra just the name of a god or goddess. Mantra is actually a recalibration of Self. 

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Intro to Yoga Philosophy - Part 1

Do you enjoy practicing Yoga and would like dig deeper into authentic Yoga philosophy?  

This introduction to some of the basic principles of philosophy for Yogic living is part of our "Nourish Your Roots Series". Gain some knowledge of Yoga as a spiritual science to integrate meaningful concepts and awareness into your daily life and practice, on and off the mat, making yoga a way of living.  

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Intro to Yoga Philosophy - Part 2

Can't get enough of the teachings learned in our Intro to Yoga Philosophy 1 and want to continue learning more?  

This sequel to introduction 1 will certainly quench your thirst for learning more concepts of philosophy for Yogic living, supporting the nourishment of your roots. Gain more knowledge of the spiritual science to integrate further meaningful concepts and awareness into your daily life and practice, on and off the mat, making Yoga a way of living.  

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Entrainment Toolbox

In this fast-paced ever-changing World, we need a toolbox!  

This toolbox was created to support you in integrating fast-paced evolution and and to support you in calibrating your frequency so to not be shaken with every ripple. These tools will act as touch stones so you can remain focused on your inner peace and being the eye in the storm. 

Are you ready to start using this toolbox and entrain yourself to higher frequencies rather than to the external rat race effects? 

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Looking for other online offerings?


Roots&Wings Winter 2023-2024

You are not alone; you don’t have to do it on your own! 

It can be so challenging to maintain a steady practice on our own. Roots&Wings Winter 2023-2024 will provide guidance and support for you throughout the winter months, with a monthly live (and recorded) Asana (physical yoga postures) that you can practice all month as many times per week as you want as well as access to asking questions for a monthly Satsang (or Q&A).  

Are you ready to join a group of like-minded people to support your practice over the winter months? 

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Live Online Immersion Course:

Roots&Wings April 2024 - Coming Soon

This is the year, for you to dig deep, shine bright, and BE the eye in the storm. 

Join our most popular live immersion program where we practice the power of integration. Within Roots & Wings, together we explore philosophies that relate to current frequencies and paradigm and then learn practices that leverage current Astrological and Galactic frequencies.

Roots & Wings focuses on how we use the frequencies of the current moment to shift your life into...

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Interested in our in-person retreats>


Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Retreat

2024 dates to be announced soon¬†in person at ‚ÄėNiwas Ashram.

Come and practice the traditional and transformational technique of Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation* (Purification of the Elements) as a complete weekend Sadhana. This is a wonderful way to blow off the winter cobwebs and prepare yourself for deep transformation. The Sadhana is coupled with amazing Sattvic food and stunning views.

*As brought forth by Sw Satyasangananda Saraswati. 


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Advanced Chakra Immersion

2024 dates to be announced soon¬†in person at ‚ÄėNiwas Ashram.

Registration for our post popular in person retreat is now open for 2023.  Spaces are limited to 11 - so they book out pretty fast.  

  • Are you looking for a deeper awareness or connection to your own intuition?
  • Do you "do" or teach Yoga and are looking for a framework of language to explain conciousness and evolution?
  • Would you like the tools to relate with yourself and others to your full potential?
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April - October in person at ‘Niwas Ashram.

Transformational Ashram Life Residencies are for people who are ready for a shift. To go deeper,  to EMBODY the teachings, not just learn them.   Ishtadev Niwas provides an environment for you to explore the Self through Yogic Lifestyle and Practices.  All of our residencies are rooted in the practical teachings of Yoga Ecology with many of the activities centring around growing and harvesting food, baking bread in the wood-fired oven and working with the fibre animals in the many processes of making yarn/weaving and pottery. 


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About your teacher



Sivani has worked as a Medium and Spiritual Teacher for the last 20+ years. Through her dedicated practice as a renunciate and as a Teacher of Yoga, she guides the Community through all aspects of living and embodying Spiritual Life through foundations of love, service, Yoga Ecology, and elevated esoteric teachings.

Increasingly, Sivani has been asked to both teach and utilize her depth of knowledge and intuitive practice to support both individuals and large groups through "big questions," finding purpose, or moving through major life transitions.  

Sivani is also the co-founder of Ishtadev Niwas Ashram & Farm, where she lives and connects to her higher Self and guides on a daily basis. Her intuition and expertise are invaluable whether she is working in private sessions or traveling the world, speaking in large groups.  

More About Sivani

My Personal Story…

Nobody just appears. To get to this point there has been been twists and turns and 20+ years of teaching, training and journeying to get to this moment.  And phew!  I’m so pleased you are here with me. 

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