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About Sivani and            Solace&Shine


Hi I’m Sivani! Namo Narayana.

Since I was a child I have been a bridge to unseen worlds. I have been sent to this earth to help people connect to their purpose, to their higher self, to support remembrance.

Solace and Shine are the two halves, the two ingredients, needed to step forward as light beings on Earth, in service to Gaia. We must create lives that hold a grounding, a foundation in deep solace within the Self; that from that place, embodies a form that shines, is luminescent from the inside, and offers its light unconditionally to all.

Solace & Shine as a platform, a school, offers a place to remember, to connect, to embody, and to serve.
I have worked as a Medium and Spiritual Teacher for the last 20+ years. I went to art school in Aotearoa and received a Bachelor's Degree at the Auckland University of Technology, and more recently received a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing through the Humber College of Creative Writing.

Through my work as a Teacher of Yoga, I guide the Community through all aspects of living and embodying Spiritual Life through foundations of love, service, and Yoga Ecology teachings.

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Our Work

You're not alone, we're here together.

Are you looking for a more full-hearted sense of Community in your life?

Through our online Community, me-WE, connect to like-minded humans moving away from individualism.

Recieve our “Bite Sized Lights”  - 1-2 min Videos with Sivani sharing what the energies are on that day, and how to navigate them for your day, community forum connection, learning, inspiration, support and nourishment! You will join others as we share ideas and thoughts on various Spiritual, Astrological, Galactic and Yogic topics for personal growth. 

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Nourish your roots and spread your wings!  


We are navigating unprecedented times. When nothing is stable, what do you hold onto?

Our courses will teach you how to dig deep and expand your perception of frequency bandwith, so you can EMBODY the eye of the storm, so you can anchor to Self.

Between our online, at-your-own-pace courses and our LIVE intensives, theres something that you can bring into your daily life that will create real change and bring real comfort.

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Welcome home to a Divine space in the foothills of the Purcell Mountains where we learn to embody the teachings.


‘Niwas is located in Ta Ta Creek, BC within Ktunaxa Homelands and emcompasses Ashram living, Wood-fired Bakery & Farm and a Pottery & Weaving Studio.

Life at 'Niwas is simple and contained, allowing for a sacred space to allow students to evolve through onsite residencies immersed in the daily discipline of SERVE, LOVE, GIVE.

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1:1 with Sivani


Soul Readings.

Bridging Worlds.


Looking for clarity and understanding in how the Divine speaks to YOU?

Through a Mediumship SOUL READING, Shivani can help you decode your personal "light language" to show you the signposts that your guides are trying to speak to you through for empowerment and change.

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Inspiring . Current . Relatable.


There’s a lot of podcasts out there, but few have the transmission of Solace&Shine’s.  

Our podcast is a collection of messages for the current time of collective transformation.  A guide to levelling up your consciousness and connecting more deeply... and while you’re there, enjoy some good ol’ fashioned story telling too.

It's FREE and available on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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