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SIVANI - Medium + Intuitive Artist

​I both paint and live my life in ways to connect with frequencies beyond myself. When I paint, create and experience the world around me, I feel totally connected to Divinity. I always offer before I receive and those potent energies received are transmuted into my artwork. I am inspired by both the potential AND messiness of collective consciousness. I use painting as a creative outlet to offer service, witness dualities and attune to potent frequencies that guide me and those ready to receive.

Located in Ktunaxa Homelands in the East Kootenay region of BC, and can connect with individuals globally.

About Me

1-1 Guidance

Receive potent and quick direction on an important life question. I am able to help you connect to patterns behind the question so you can both see and experience the flow of energy required to move forward. Individuals often find answers that provide solace, inspiration and confidence to step into right action.

1-1 Guidance

Soul Readings + Art

It is with immense gratitude that I've been guided to use my intuitive gifts to support you to find clarity and understanding in how the Divine speaks to you.

I offer the following primary services:

  • Mediumship Soul Readings
  • Intuitive Artwork to focus your highest purpose

​My work as a Medium draws upon numerology, galactology, astrology, and 20+ years of Yoga psychology practice to access direct reference points from your guides.


Intuitive Art Commissions

I specialize in capturing and honouring the moments between Souls during transitions such as births and deaths. Intuitive and spiritual art commissions are for you if:

  • You're curious about spiritual healing as an alterative healing form.
  • Looking to create a touchstone for grounding during life's major transitions.
  • Are feeling a need to honour and process meaningful experiences.

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