SPRING/SUMMER 2024 Spiritual Wellbeing Capsules

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6-months of Online Yoga Programming, Channeled Messages & Spiritual Talks


SPRING/SUMMER 2024 Spiritual Wellbeing Capsules


6 month Program: April 1, 2024 - September 30, 2024


You are not alone; you don’t have to do it on your own! 

It can be so challenging to maintain a steady practice for calm and connection on our own. Our Roots&Wings Spiritual Wellbeing Capsules provide guidance and support for you throughout the Spring & Summer months, monthly live (and recorded - and yes Downloadable!) Asana (physical yoga postures) that you can practice all month as many times per week as you want as well as access to asking questions for a monthly Satsang (or Q&A/Community Connection Lecture).  

Are you ready to join a group of like-minded people to support your practice over the Summer months? 

Earlybird Registration for $249 CAD (Register by March 1, 2024)
Register Regular Price for $299 CAD

Our Roots&Wings Program gives you access to a monthly spiritual practice and ongoing guidance to help you maintain moments of calm and genuine solace throughout your day. 

Through this Program, you will receive:

  • 6 months of both¬†live (and recorded) Asana practices (physical yoga postures) that will specifically guide you to navigate the Astrological influences and energies at play.
  • 6 months of Satsangs and channeled messages that offer a fantastic way for you to ask your burning questions and connect¬†online through a¬† forum of amazing folks.

About Your Teacher - Sivani

Sannyasi Sivani is the co-founder of Solace&Shine and Ishtadev Niwas Ashram & Farm. She is an accomplished artist, writer, inspirational speaker.

Sivani has been teaching for 20+ years, has completed over 1,000 hours of intensive Yoga training and is a certified E-RYT 500 Yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Her intuition and expertise are invaluable whether she is working in private sessions or speaking to large groups.  She has traveled the world speaking and teaching Yogic techniques and philosophy that can be used in daily life to raise ones consciousness and quality of life. Her intention is to authentically bring the Eastern philosophy of Yoga to the West and facilitate the beautiful awakening here in Canada.  

Learn more about Sivani here.

You are a good fit for the Roots&Wings Program if you:

  • Are¬†looking for a Yogic or Spiritual practice that you can practice regularly with the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule.
  • Are¬†craving an active and engaged circle or community of others on a spiritual path.
  • Are¬†interested in self-development and compassion.
  • Are looking to invest in yourself to access more calm, loving kindness and authentic connection.
Earlybird Registration for $249 CAD (Register by March 1, 2024)
Register Regular Price for $299 CAD

Interested in the in-person Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Retreat AND Chakra Immersion Retreat for 2024?

Turn your 7-night Chakra Sadhana Immersion retreat into a 14-night Ashram Residency including Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation retreat and receive a discount!


Tattwa Shuddhi Retreat will be from May 10-12, 2024.  Turn your 7-night Chakra Sadhana Immersion retreat into a 14-night Ashram Residency inclusive of May 17-24, 2024, including our 2 most popular retreats. To learn more about the Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Retreat, see here.

Register for the Tattwa Shuddhi Retreat + Chakra Sadhana Immersion 2024

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