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Join Śivani Howe in Victoria BC for one night only and be part of an unforgettable heart opening experience! 


Join us as we attune ourselves to the frequencies of a new reality, connecting with profound energy that transcends the ordinary. Embark on a journey of heart-opening as we collectively anchor into the essence of New Earth. Through the powerful medium of sound meditation, participants will tap into the reservoir of transformative energy, allowing the activation of light codes that have patiently awaited their revelation.

This event is not just a meditation; it's a collaborative celebration into the harmonious symphony of our collective existence. This Co-Collaborative Sound Meditation for New Earth Connection with Śivani Howe promises an immersive experience, where the vibrational language of sound becomes the key to unlocking the light codes of a New Earth within and around us. 


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This one-night only event in Victoria BC is coming soon!

The countdown is on until you can unlock a direct experience of New Earth within you.









Co-Collaborative Sound Meditation for New Earth Connection with Śivani Howe

Get ready to participate in an unforgettable co-collaborative sound experience! We're thrilled to announce this special event featuring the sensational chaneller + spiritual guide Śivani Howe!

108 tickets available - Be one of 108 heartbeats!


  • DATE: May 04, 2024
  • TIME: 7-9pm PST
  • WHERE: St. Ann’s Academy (Chapel), 835 Humboldt Street, Victoria BC
  • PRICE: $35 + gst


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About Śivani Howe

As a sought-after spiritual guide and medium, Śivani is an accomplished artist, writer and inspirational speaker who has the ability to guide students on profound explorations, awakening the inherent frequencies that lay within each of us. 

Śivani has been a spiritual guide and traditional Yoga teacher for 20+ years, having. Her intuition and expertise are invaluable whether she is working in private sessions or speaking to large groups. She has traveled the world speaking and teaching Yogic techniques and philosophy that can be used in daily life to raise ones consciousness and quality of life.  

Śivani lives off-grid, close to the Earth, and with her head in the stars in the foothills of the Purcell Mountains in southeastern BC.

Learn more about Śivani  here.

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