Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Retreat


Next In-Person Program Intake with Solace&Shine at 'Niwas Ashram:

May 10-12, 2024 (2 nights)

Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Retreat


Come, retreat and practice the traditional and transformational technique of Tattwa Shuddhi (Elemental Purification) as a complete weekend Sadhana. This is a wonderful way to blow off the winter cobwebs and prepare yourself for deep transformation. The Sadhana is coupled with amazing Sattvic food and stunning views at 'Niwas Ashram in Ta Ta Creek, overlooking the Rocky Mountains in the East Kootenays of BC.


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Previous Experience Requirements:

This retreat is an Intermediate-level retreat. The technique requires a certain level of mental stability and concentation. Participants need to be able to “sit” for 30 mins without feeling too uncomfortable. Suits people who have been teaching or practicing Yoga for some time already.

"The Tattwa Shuddhi Retreat at Ishtadev Niwas was powerful and purifying. Shivani was a gentle and informative teacher. The practice gave me the opportunity to accept more of myself and unearthed small pieces I was not aware I buried deep beneath. An opening of oneself. "
-- Jenna

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Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Weekend Retreat Pricing

Pricing for the 2-night Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Retreat is $489+gst for We*Are Community Members.

 Please note that ALL students will be required to pay a deposit in 2024 to confirm and hold your spot. 

​$489+gst Retreat Pricing includes:


All on-site coursework and teachings, guided meditations, morning Asana, Havans, meals, accommodation, Karma Yoga instruction, and meditation handouts for future practice.


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Interested in Tattwa Shuddhi AND Chakra  Sadhana Immersion for 2024?

Turn your 2-night Meditation retreat into a 14-night Ashram Residency including Chakra Immersion and receive a discount!


Chakra Sadhana Immersion will be from May 17-24, 2024.  Turn your 2-night Meditation retreat into a 14-night Ashram Residency inclusive of May 10-12, 2024, including our most popular 7-night transformative Chakra Program. To learn more about the Chakra Immersion, see here.

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