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Designed for those who yearn to EMBODY their potential through the authentic teachings of Yoga.

What is a Yoga Ecology residency?


Transformational Yoga Ecology Residencies are for people who are ready for a shift. To go deeper, to EMBODY the teachings, not just learn them.

Solace&Shine and 'Niwas Ashram provide an environment for you to explore the Self through Yogic Lifestyle and practices.  All of our residencies are rooted in the practical teachings of Yoga Ecology with many of the activities centering around growing and harvesting food, supporting animals, baking bread in the wood-fired oven, and working in fibre arts and pottery. 

Often it is only after we have stepped on the "path" that we realize how deep this experience of life can be.  Our transformational immersions create a perfect setting to dive deep into the Self, and explore the essence of your being. 

Learning the skills and techniques to live a Yogic lifestyle is a fundamental practice of being a "Yogi" or a Yoga practitioner. Residencies through teachings of Yoga Ecology are a platform that gives people an opportunity to have a direct experience that they can then assimilate into their day-to-day reality. 

Ashram Life is about raising your frequency in everyday life.

Through Yoga Ecology Residencies you will receive:

  • Full accommodation and nutritious vegetarian and Yogic meals for each night at 'Niwas Ashram
  • Daily Mantra and Puja
  • Yoga Ecology Philosophy teachings
  • Karma Yoga Philosophy and practice including a Karma Yoga Manual and Daily Spiritual Diary
  • ‚ÄčRegular Satsang and/or Program
  • One-on-One Teaching and Support¬†

Check out our PODCAST about raising your frequency through a Yogic Lifestyle.

What does a typical day look like

at ‘Niwas Ashram?

Here is a sample schedule* for residencies. Each residency or retreat has its own nuances to the daily timetable in order to create an optimal retreat experience, however this sample schedule offers insight into daily Ashram life.

* Subject to change.

5.45am - Personal or Group Asana Practice         

6.30am - Mantra chanting 
‚Äč7.00am - Breakfast
7.30am - Animals/Farm
8.30am - Karma Yoga intro/allocation and set up.

9.00am - Karma Yoga
12.00pm - Lunch
1.00pm - Karma Yoga
3.00pm - Chai time (20 mins)
4.30pm - Clean-up for the day

5.00pm - Havan
6.00pm - Dinner
7.00pm - Program and/or Personal time (please make sure that all noise is concluded by 9pm so that guests and residents can rest for the next day)

Find your value.

Yoga Ecology Study in Residence Program Pricing

Pricing for Study in Residence Programs are $108 + gst per day with potential discounts/packages available for longer-term residencies.

‚ÄčPricing includes: Karma Yoga Manual and Spiritual Diary, all on-site coursework and teachings, guided Mantra, morning Asana, Havans, meals, accommodation, Karma Yoga instruction, Programming, Satsangs, and Yoga Ecology teachings.

1-month and longer term stays are welcome for sincere seekers. Please contact us directly for enquiry.

Pre-requisites for 1-month programs and long-term stays include: Chakra Sadhana Immersion and at least 4 weeks of Karma Yoga training with a trained teacher. Ishtadev Niwas welcomes people from all walks of life who are interested in long-term training in living a Yogic lifestyle. An application is required and generally, long-term applicants require some previous Karma Yoga and/or residency training. Longer-term Ashram Life Residencies are ideal for those sincere seekers looking to dive deeper.

Please see all Program Cancellation & Refund Policies here.

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Questions about Yoga Ecology Residencies?

Write us here and we will have our Residency Coordinator contact you within 1-2 business days.

Want to experience ’Niwas through one of our popular short-term courses first? 


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Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Retreat

In-person¬†at ‚ÄėNiwas Ashram.

Come and practice the traditional and transformational technique of Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation* (Purification of the Elements) as a complete weekend Sadhana. This is a wonderful way to blow off the winter cobwebs and prepare yourself for deep transformation. The Sadhana is coupled with amazing Sattvic food and stunning views.

*As brought forth by Sw Satyasangananda Saraswati. 

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Chakra Sadhana Immersion

In-person at ‚ÄėNiwas Ashram.

Spaces are limited to 11 - so they book out pretty fast.  

  • Are you looking for a deeper awareness or connection to your own intuition?
  • Do you "do" or teach Yoga and are looking for a framework of language to explain conciousness and evolution?
  • Would you like the tools to relate with yourself and others to your full potential?
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