Welcome Home.


Ishtadev Niwas Ashram is where you come home to LEARN to live and embody Yoga.  It is where we learn to live spiritual teachings every day.


'Niwas Farm & Bakery supports the Ashram and provides a place where we can practice the embodiment and connection of LOVE through action.


'Niwas Weaving & Pottery Studios are the visual embodiment of love through creativity.  Here, we HONOUR the teachings through art and creation. 

The Head


Founded in 2012, Ishtadev Niwas Ashram, the Ashram is dedicated to, and inspired by the Spiritual Masters of the Saraswati Lineage and the ancient teachings of Yoga.  We aspire to live and share the teachings of these spiritual visionaries.

Within the teachings delivered through Ishtadev Niwas Ashram, students are fully immersed in Yoga as a lifestyle and spiritual path, guided by teachers who hold an integral Guru-Disciple relationship and who practice and recognize Yoga teachings at some of the highest levels of understanding and dedication. 

We consider the Ashram, to be a place of advanced study, for people who are reading to step out of the societal hoopla, and are ready to dive into, and discover the heart of Self. 

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The Heart


The 'Niwas Bakery is truly the HEART of 'Niwas.  Located in Ta Ta Creek, we are an off-grid Bakery wherein all goods are baked in our very own wood-fired bread oven (built by our own hands).  All our bread is also mixed by hand, “with love and mantra,” and our sourdoughs take 3 days to make due to traditional fermentation processes.  There is no commercial yeast in any of our Sourdoughs, making our bread easy to digest and not to mention, extremely tasty!

There is a reason why we have so many loyal customers, and for all of you, we are grateful.  Products that our customers keep coming back for at local Farmers' Markets include:

  • Sourdough loaves - Regular, Whole Wheat, Maple Raisin & Olive Rosemary
  • Hand-rolled croissants - Regular, Chocolate, Cinnamon-orange, Honey-lavender, & Toffee
  • Buns
  • Baguettes & Flutes 
  • Special products available weekly!
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The Heart


'Niwas Farm honours 40 acres of Land in the heart of Ktunaxa Homelands in the foothills of the Purcell Mountains.  We practice regenerative farming with a focus on balanced ecological practices, soil-building, and supporting the forest ecosystem surrounding us.

Our 2 acres of gardens sustain our family over most of the year along with residents at 'Niwas Ashram.  We are also able to support the local community and local restaurants with fresh market vegetables such as a variety of heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs, squash, and greens.

The 'Niwas Farm is also home to a number of fibre animals including Shetland Sheep, Angorra Goats and "Chocolate" the Alpaca.  Our fibre is milled as locally as possible and is available for sale and in many of the beautiful creations we make in our Weaving Studio also on-site.

The Hands

Weaving & Pottery

Work through the hands is work from the heart. Everything we do through the 'Niwas Weaving & Pottery Studio is an act of remembrance and beauty!

We look forward to sharing more with you soon.  To date, our work has focused on sculptural art, weaving pattern design and a number of functional items such as meditation rugs from our own sustainable fibres through 'Niwas Farm.

"'Niwas is a place to experience what living Yoga is all about. The food and gardens are divine! And to learn about each element of how and why our actions connect with the Land is critical for remembrance and reconnection. Thank you 'Niwas.


"As a teacher of Yoga, this is the place I've been looking for. I've been so hungry to gain new insights and connections to the language of Land. 'Niwas holds a space that offers such a high level of teachings and cultivates the most Divine offerings to Community through the Farm & Bakery."