In service of Gaia, welcome! My name is Sivani, and I’m a Medium, Intuitive Artist, and Sannyasin on the Yogic path. I work with students and seekers all over the world, and am thrilled for my gifts to be of service.

I don’t fit into a box - do you? For 20+ years I have taught Yoga - before instagram was a thing, specialized in Yoga Philosophy and Psychology, supporting people moving through deep change, grief, birth, crisis and illness. 

I’ve trained in INDIA for 12 years to deepen my understanding of the human mind, and more importantly the human heart, and this has lead me to teach Soul Anatomy and Spiritual unfoldment internationally, as well as build an Ashram* for advanced studies in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia. 

You can read about my crazy real life tales in my book - The Yoga of Remembrance (on Amazon), and soon my first novel - Land’s Breath - which has gained a letter of Distinction from the Humber School of Writing.

Through my work as a Teacher of Yoga, I guide the Community through all aspects of living and embodying Spiritual Life through foundations of love, service, and Yoga Ecology teachings. Increasingly, I've been asked to utilize my mediumship skills and intuitive practice to support both individuals and large groups through "big questions," finding purpose, or moving through major life transitions. More recently, my artworks have elevated these experiences and have opened new portals in those I serve, as well as myself.

I live on an off-grid Ashram and Regenerative Farm in Ktunaxa Homelands with my beloved husband and son, beasts, critters and plant friends. I choose to live simply,  close to Earth, and in service to Gaia. 

Artist Values

In my work as both Medium and Artist, I paint and live my life in ways to connect with frequencies beyond myself. When I paint, create and experience the world around me, I feel totally connected to Divinity. I always offer before I receive and those potent energies received are transmuted into my artwork. I am inspired by both the dream AND messiness of collective consciousness.

I use painting as a creative outlet to offer service, witness dualities and attune to potent frequencies that guide me and those ready to receive.

My process entrains specifically to each student or client's personal frequency and unique Soul blueprint. Each observation, recommendation, and outcome is pinpointed specifically to you as an individual. All work is private and explicitly channeled for what comes through at this time.

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