Nourish Your Roots Series

Intro to Yoga Philosophy

Part 1


Just like a tree, we need to build foundations so that when we grow tall we don't fall over.


Our "Nourish your Roots" series have been carefully crafted to support you in building strong foundations. The work on this path is incredibly potent; this series has been developed to support you in building trust, strengthen your nervous system, and bring the necessary balance to your life so that you are strong, sovereign, and unwavering in your abilities to take on the next steps of your spiritually connected journey.

Nourish Your Roots:

Intro to Yoga Philosophy - Part 1


Do you enjoy practicing Yoga and would like dig deeper into authentic Yoga philosophy?  

This introduction to some of the basic principles of philosophy for Yogic living is part of our "Nourish Your Roots Series". Gain some knowledge of Yoga as a spiritual science to integrate meaningful concepts and awareness into your daily life and practice, on and off the mat, making yoga a way of living.

What you'll receive through this at-your-own-pace course:

  • Unlimited access to 7x 30-40 minute-lectures that will explain some of the foundational concepts of Yoga philosophy, a science that has been transmitted for more than 5000 years.
  • Free access for one month to We*Are Community, a community of like-minded people with forum and daily guidance to navigate the astrological influences. 
  • Optional guided activities for further Self-Study

Lectures include:

  • Intro to Yoga Philosophy
  • Karma & Dharma
  • Samskaras & Vasanas (Impressions & Compulsions)
  • Yamas (Yogic Ethics)
  • Niyamas (Personal Observances)
  • The "Story" - Using your life story to create positive transformation
  • Relationships and Yoga - Walking the path while in relationship


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for unlimited access to all 7x lectures on Yoga Philosophy!


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"I love Sivani's perspective on all the teachings! Every time I hear her speak, something new resonates with me.  These mini lectures are such a treat to devour as I make my way back home from work."

"These mini lectures are EVERYTHING! I love that I have unlimited access. Thank you, I will definitely sign up for Intro to Yoga Philosophy Part 2."



If you aren’t completely satisfied with this "Nourish your Roots" course, let us know within the first 7-days for a full refund. No questions asked.