Nourish Your Roots Series

Entrainment Toolbox


Just like a tree, we need to build foundations

so that when we grow tall we don't fall over.


Our "Nourish your Roots" series have been carefully crafted to support you in building strong foundations. The work on this path is incredibly potent; this series has been developed to support you in building trust, strengthen your nervous system, and bring the necessary balance to your life so that you are strong, sovereign, and unwavering in your abilities to take on the next steps of your spiritually connected journey.

Nourish Your Roots:

Entrainment Toolbox


In this fast-paced ever-changing World, we need a toolbox!  

This toolbox was created to support you in integrating fast-paced evolution and and to support you in calibrating your frequency so to not be shaken with every ripple. These tools will act as touch stones so you can remain focused on your inner peace and being the eye in the storm. 

Are you ready to start using this toolbox and entrain yourself to higher frequencies rather than to the external rat race effects? 

This toolbox can be accessed at any time and is designed for you to utilize when needed, at your own pace. What you will receive:

  • 7 "Frequency Entrainment Capsules", sound meditations that resonate at different Solfeggio Frequencies, aiming to calibrate the mind to higher states of awareness. 
  • 7 Guided Meditations that will take you to have out-of-this World experiences. 
  • 7 Yoga Nidra recordings, for a restful practice. 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to 3 hours of deep, restorative sleep. 
  • A lecture on "Tools of Remembrance", presenting Essential Oils, Sound Healing and Crystals as guides and touchstones for New Earth Orientation. 
  • Free access for one month to We*Are Community, a community of like-minded people with forum and daily guidance to navigate the astrological influences. 

Guided Meditations include:

  • Sirius A Bathhouse
  • Mars Memory
  • Galactic Meditation - Orion
  • Meeting Dragon Wisdom
  • Galactic Meditation Surrender - Hadar
  • Align - Capella
  • Rebirth - Arcturis 

The Frequency Entrainment Capsules include:

  • DNA Repair and Healing
  • Cultivation of safety and groundedness
  • Connect to higher Self
  • Heighten intuition
  • Connect to Guides
  • Oneness with the Universe
  • Spiritual Potential

The Yoga Nidra recordings include the following titles:

  • Bringing yourself back to the moment
  • Connecting to the Chakra system
  • Playing with Dolphins
  • Purifying the subconscious
  • Connection of relaxation and intuition
  • Exploring duality and oneness
  • Embodying connectivity


PRICING & REGISTRATION - One-time payment of ONLY $299 CAD

for unlimited access to all 21 tools in your Entrainment Toolbox!


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"Oh yes! A toolbox for all my favorite offerings from Solace&Shine, thank you."

- Julia

"This toolbox is such excellent value for money. I have worked my way through all the recordings and now have place-marked the ones that are perfect for different situations and times of day. What a solid offering, thank you!"

- Lisa



If you aren’t completely satisfied with your "Nourish your Roots" series course, let us know within the first 7-days for a full refund. No questions asked.