The Dragonfly’s Song New Earth Capsules

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We've been so excited to launch this curated 4-week sacred journey for you through weekly online capsules designed to activate a direct experience of New Earth within you. Each week unfolds with exclusive live classes and enlightening Satsangs, providing real-time guidance, channeled messages and an opportunity to foster community connection. Spend 4 weeks of concentrated consciousness evoluion, unlocking profound insights and spiritual wisdom. You will immerse yourself in the ethereal frequencies captured in recordings of light codes from standing stones and sacred places, transporting you to the heart of ancient timeless and formless energies.

What is New Earth energy? "New Earth energy" encapsulates a spiritual paradigm shift toward unity, love, and heightened consciousness. It envisions a transformed world where individuals embrace interconnectedness, sustainability, and elevated vibrations, fostering a global awakening. This concept symbolizes a collective shift towards a harmonious and enlightened existence, transcending fear-based ideologies. These 4-week capsules have been carefully designed to unlock this within you, even for moments at a time.

As a special offering, gain exclusive access to Sivani's captivating first novel, "Land’s Breath," through an e-book. Land's Breath intertwines spirituality with storytelling, creating a narrative that mirrors the transformative journey you're undertaking. Enrich your life with a holistic experience, blending live interactions, sacred sounds, and literary exploration. Join our virtual sanctuary and unlock the secrets of self-discovery, wisdom, and connection in this 4-week sacred program.

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